We need your help to fight the proposed Northern Pass Project in New Hampshire. The Northern Pass is proposing to build massive towers across 180 miles of New Hampshire landscape using outdated overhead high voltage DC transmission line technology, bringing hydroelectric power from Quebec to Franklin, NH, where the power will be converted to AC and continue to Deerfield, NH.

Our primary mission is to defeat a joint venture by Public Service of New Hampshire’s parent company, Northeast Utilities, NStar and Hydro-Quebec, from taking our land, taking our heritage, destroying our economy, destroying our identity. The environment in which we live is being undervalued and threatened by Northern Pass. Our mission is to be relentless in protecting and preserving our high quality of life. We are looking for your help to invest in what matters most….our collective health, and the enjoyment and economic vitality of our communities in New Hampshire.

Our mission will require raising sufficient capital to defeat the Northern Pass Project. For this reason as well as many others, we have formed a 501(c) (4) non-profit corporation as a uniting force for all opposition to the Northern Pass.

Please take time to read through our stories, factual articles and blog posts. View the photo, video and other opposition member resources. Educate yourself on this devastating possibility, get involved, make a contribution; forward this, and whatever else you find pertinent, to your family, friends and neighbors; subscribe to receive the latest news and events, and to stay abreast of our progress with fundraising.

We look forward to defeating the Northern Pass Project, protecting our beautiful and vital NH, together!

ACT NOW! Senators Need to Hear From You by 3/19/2014!

On Wednesday, March 19, HB 569 a “burial bill,” will be heard by the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee @ 9:45, LOB 306-308. WE NEED YOUR HELP! Contact E&NR Senators to let them know you are in favor of HB569! Read More »


December 4, 2013
From Bury the Northern Pass
First SB99 workshop in Manchester draws a varied group
The first citizen workshop was held in Manchester last night; 73 participated. (Workshops can accommodate 150-200.) Northern Pass and wind opposition members were there in force; pro-energy development interests were also in evidence. One to three Northern Pass staffers apparently participated. Read More »

SB99 Polling Workshop-Pre-register Make Your Voice Heard

From Bury The Northern Pass
November 19, 2013
Pre-register now for an SB99 polling workshop – and pass the word
Sponsored by Senator Jeanie Forrester and others earlier this year, Senate Bill 99 created a committee to study our state energy facility siting process as it exists under the auspices of the NH Site Evaluation Committee. There has been recent widespread dissatisfaction with the process on the part of many, notably Northern Pass and wind turbine opponents. The committee report is due at the end of December, and the study has now reached its final stage in which broad citizen input is requested. Raab Associates are the consultants who will be soliciting our opinions on behalf of the Coordinating Committee, which includes Sen. Forrester, Rep. Suzanne Smith and others. Read More »